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TVL Industrial Foods has a fleet of six delivery vehicles, all Hyundai H100 and Kia 2700 models.


A dedicated maintenance manager is responsible for the maintenance on the vehicles

(which gets serviced every 5000km), as well as the bakery in general.

A spare vehicle is kept on the premises for emergency deliveries.

Our vehicles are equipped for offloading goods at the customer’s premises. All six our drivers are issued with company overalls with the number of the bakery applied on the back of each overall.


All our vehicles and crates used are being cleaned and washed on a weekly basis.

The crates are being collected on a daily basis after the deliveries are done.

Deliveries are done on a daily basis from Monday to Saturday.

We can accommodate the delivery of small quantities if required as our vehicles are on the road already.

We can also assist with emergency deliveries should the need arise, and if we need to bake for such an occasion, delivery can be made within 3 hours.

No extra delivery fees will be charged for emergency deliveries.

Transvaal Industrial Foods
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