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Service and Capacity

All of the products mentioned are handmade by experienced bakers according to each client’s needs.
Transvaal Industrial Foods also offers specific advice relating to our products.

We design function-specific bread tables with our speciality bread and assist with bread and food pairing to ensure successful events.


The demand for our products come mainly from our customers, and we have enough production capacity to ensure that the deliveries will be done on time.


Change in volumes is not a problem for us. All products are baked daily, but the shelf life of the bread is at least three days, depending on the conditions in the consumer’s kitchen. If the bread or buns are kept in a cold room, it can last up to five days.

Stock levels at the bakery are being taken on a daily basis. Our stock levels are always enough for four days of
production. Any complaints regarding the quality of service are directed straight to TVL Industrial Foods by phone or email and are handled by the owner or assistant as a priority.

Transvaal Industrial Foods
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