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Quality Policies

TVL Industrial Foods strives for excellent quality and service at all times.

That is one reason we bake during the night to ensure freshly baked goods for our customers.


Our approach to tailor-make handmade products for our clients is what sets us aside.

At this stage, there is no labelling on our products and the items get delivered in general packaging. We are not Halaal certified. We are focussed on product development and training on a continual basis as per need.

We follow the highest standards of baking possible.


We make use of Pristine Health to do all our pest control and deep cleaning services on a monthly basis.  We have also made it our priority to obtain the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) accreditation in the next year and also aim to get the accreditation of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as soon as possible.

Transvaal Industrial Foods is certified under Regulation 918 of 1999.

Although the certificate was issued by the City of Tshwane in 2010 under our previous name, Supreme Bread, we are still working in the same building as stated under the address.

TVL Industrial Foods buy their flour mainly from Ruto Mills.

Ruto Mills is a trustworthy supplier and is affiliated to the following organizations:
National Chamber of Milling (NCM)
SA Chamber of Baking (SACB)
Winter Cereal Trust
CST-SA (Cereal Science & Technology South Africa)
CGCSA (Consumer Goods Council of South Africa)

Transvaal Industrial Foods
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